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making it easy & fun to cook with young children

  • Do you enjoy cooking with your child or children (18m-8yrs), or want to give it a try?  

  • Would you like to be part of a community of others doing the same?  

  • Want a regular supply of simple recipes that put the little chef in charge of the cooking?

  • Plus discounts on cooking products, tips, ingredient info, extra activities and more.

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From the author of the Tickle Fingers Toddler Cookbook, join our Cook-Along Club, a sort-of virtual cooking class for children aged 1 to 8 to do whenever and wherever they like.  Every month, they will get:

easy-to-follow adult instructions

Cook-along adult instructions sample

illustrated recipe sheet for child

Cook-Along Child Sample

activity ideas and resources 

Cook-Along Extra Sample

Download a FREE example pack to try before you buy

Click on each element to view and download:

*Swap fish for broccoli and leave out ham for Mixed Veg Chowder (vegetarian option)

How to register

You can choose how long to join for - 3 months is £5 or 6 months is £10.  Cancel at any time and receive a refund for all the months not received.   

The recipes and activities are split into two age ranges: 18 months-4 years or 5-8 years.  If the child is 4 or 5, the one to go for will depend on how much cooking they've done before.  Please contact us if you need advice.  You can switch if they are finding them too easy or too difficult.  If you have children in both age ranges and want to receive both versions of the recipe and activity sheets, register for both. Put SIBLING in the promo code box to get the second registration completely free.

Select how long you want to sign up for, the age-range, and register now.  Gift options are available.   


Join our Cook-Along Club Closed FB Group for help, or to share their cooking adventures.

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