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making it easy & fun to cook with young children

Some useful external resources for cooking with children. 


A good place to start is our pinterest board where we have pinned over 100 recipes to try. 

Nothing beats the BBC Cbeebies programme, 'I Can Cook' for the largest selection of snacks and light dishes for cooking with pre-school aged children.  Find them all here on BBC Food. 

The Tesco Eat Happy Project has a large selection of recipes for cooking with children from age 4 but some are do-able by younger. They also have a series of Let's Cookalong videos to watch and do together and a brilliant YouTube Channel with recipes and tips called Cooking with Children.  Recipes created by the Children's Food Trust.  

The Children's Food Trust works with schools, pre-schools and parents to help children eat better.  Their Let's Get Cooking At Home programme has a selection of online recipes, some of which are suitable to cook with young children.  

BBC Cook of the Year 2015 Jo Ingleby (one of my food heros) won because of her fantastic work bringing cooking to 2 to 4 year olds in an inner-city nursery. The BBC have put up a selection of her recipes and a useful article of tips.  

Some online sites with recipes for cooking with children: Mini YummersHandy HerbsKitchen Rules and Eats Amazing.

Free From Farmhouse is a brilliant blog about bringing up a child with allergies.  It has lots of information, free-from recipes and runs a weekly link-up that will help you find other free-from recipe resources. 

3 Princesses and 1 Dude is a parenting blog which often has easy recipes to cook with children of all ages.  They’ve also teamed up with LarabeeUKLukeosaurus & Me and other parenting blogs to produce the Kids Make & Bake Club on YouTube.  This gives an easy craft or bake idea every week.

Other parenting blogs that feature recipes for cooking with children are Mum, M and MoreRaisie BayThree Sons LaterMy Toddler Cooks and Clare's Little Tots

Classes & Clubs

I believe in getting young children involved in everyday cooking at home as much as possible.  But attending a class can be a great way to inspire you or your child and have some fun.  

The Tesco Eat Happy Project in partnership with the Children's Food Trust run free cooking classes for children in selected stores.  Register with them for up to date information on dates, venues and ages.  

Crafty Cooks are a nationwide network of cookery classes and starting at 2.5 years, are one of very few that run classes for under 3s.  

If you live near Cholsey, Oxfordshire, check out Mrs Bun the Baker who does classes from 2 years. 

If you want to set up your own cooking club, the Children's Food Trust provides information, support and training as part of their Let's Get Cooking programme.  


Go to products for some equipment recommendations for cooking with young children.  


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