Tickle Fingers

making it easy & fun to cook with young children

One of 'Best Children's Cookbooks 2017' - Evening Standard

Finally a book that is realistic when it comes to toddlers. The best book I have bought this year and being a childcare professional I have bought many.
— Amazon customer
It is the kind of book that a child will treasure as they grow up and go on to share with their own children.
— Free From Farmhouse
As a teacher I have worked with 100’s of children over the years and so I know what will work and what won’t. The recipes in this book are so easy and there are various levels so even a young toddler can get involved.
— What Katy Said
Me and my 3 year old love getting this book out to use! With having a fussy eater it helps me include him in what’s being made and gets him to be more involved and therefore I find he eats dinner more readily.
— The Baby website
Some books are good, some great and some I urge you to go out and buy. The Tickle Fingers Toddler Cookbook is one of the latter.
— One Training Mummy
Excellent (and easy!) recipes and I love the fact that I can make and bake something with my children in a short space of time without too much fuss.
— Amazon customer
I’d recommend this book to all parents and know I won’t stop using it when my child reaches 4 - they will be recipes I will continue to use for a long time.
— The Baby website

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