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Cook with toddlers leftover turkey recipe

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Got leftover turkey from Thanksgiving or Christmas and need something to entertain the little people in the house?  Get them to take over from you in the kitchen and make these Turkey Bread Baskets.  They are easy and fun to do and make a great light lunch for adults and children; perfect after the indulgence of the day before.  

For those of you who aren't familiar with the 'Tickle Fingers' recipe format.  The idea is that you do everything in the 'Adult Prep' section before involving your child.  Then get them into the kitchen to do the 'Together' boxes.  The recipes are intentionally designed this way so they do not have to wait around while you do something they cannot do.  It keeps the momentum going and helps to give them that sense of achievement of cooking something themselves.  

Copyright Annabel Woolmer

Copyright Annabel Woolmer