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Tickle Fingers recommends No-Bake Truffles from 'Making Boys Men'

Recipe IdeasAnnabel WoolmerComment

We made no-bake Truffles from Making Boy Men today and as you can see, the girls had a brilliant time.  This is "don't hold back," sticky, yummy fun.  Find somewhere you don't mind a bit of a mess and let them loose.  I made sure we made these well before their meal-time because I was pretty sure quite a lot would be eaten during cooking.  I was right.  The older managed to make 8 truffles with her mix.  The younger managed a mere 3 because most of her mix ended up in her tummy!   

I found that 8 truffles each was about the right amount before I think they would have had enough.  The 'Making Boys Men' recipe makes about 32 so I quartered the amounts.  So for each child: 4 digestives, 80ml condensed milk, 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder plus about 1 tbsp cocoa powder for rolling.