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The Tickle Fingers #Toddler Cook-Off Recipe Selection

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Over the last few weeks, we've been asking everyone to send us what their toddler has been cooking for a Toddler Cook-Off!  The upshot is a collection of great ideas for what to cook with a toddler.  Go to the Toddler Cook-Off for the recipes (also on Pinterest). 

Henry's Funny Face Upside Down Cake (Henry, aged 2) - Winner! 


This was the winning entry for lots of reasons.  I loved that they can get creative with the picture on the top.  Henry made a funny face, but they could do anything they liked.  I'm always looking for ways to get my children to try different fruits so I liked the way this used a variety of different ones that they can try as they cook.  On the taste front, you can't fail with a cake-fruit combo, particularly served with cream, custard or even ice cream.  Best of all, this is something you could serve to the whole family for dessert.  And I love it when the toddler does all the hard work for dinner! 


Arabella's Shortbread (Arabella, aged 23 months) - Runner Up

Biscuits were a popular choice in the Cook-Off.  We had stars, gingerbread men, hearts, letters, elephants, butterflies and even a penguin! We liked Arabella's mum's idea of squishing the shortbread mix into cupcake cases.  If you want to keep your shortbread lovely and crumbly, the mixture can be tricky for little ones to roll out and cut, without disintergrating.  The cupcake idea is an easier way to make individual shortbread biscuits and brilliantly hands-on.  Arabella then cut rolled icing into shapes to decorate so she still got to have fun with cutters.



Angel Delight Mud Pie (Seb, aged 2) - Runner-Up

This recipe has lots of things toddlers love to do: mixing, bashing and layering.  And we absolutely loved the theme, complete with worms; plenty to get their imagination going.  Not a healthy option, but lots of fun.  We also liked that the ingredients are easy to divide up, which makes it a good option if cooking with lots of children who want to make individual portions.  


Special Mentions for...

Matilda (aged 2) who was a cooking machine for the Cook-off, making Cheesy Biscuits, Banana & Choc Chip Cakes and Chocolate Fork Biscuits.

Belle (aged 3) who made her entry, Valentine Biscuits, to give to her friends.

Lily, Declan and Harry who made Banana Muffins together; great teamwork! Or perhaps that mention should be for their Mum...

Emily (aged 2) who learnt to break an egg while making her yummy mini carrot cakes.  

Katie (aged 4) and Daisy (aged 21 months) for getting their Daddy into the kitchen to help them bake for the very first time.  

And last but not least, Zoë (aged 4) and Harry (aged 3) for the best "we are proud of ourselves" faces.  


Thank you so much everyone for taking part and sharing all your ideas.  Even though the Cook-Off is over and the prizes awarded, please keep the recipe ideas*with photos** coming.   If you post to www.facebook.com/cookwithtoddlers, tweet to @cookwithtots or email them to contact@ticklefingers.co.uk, we will put them on the #ToddlerCookOff page and on the Cook-Off pinterest board for everyone to enjoy. 

*If you share a recipe from another source (book or online), which we love you to do, please just make sure you let us know where it came from so we can make sure to credit them.   

** Please remember this page is public so if you don't want to have a picture of your child online, please just send us a photo of the food.  


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