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Tickle Fingers gets the Vibrant Home touch

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Sarah from Vibrant Home chose exactly the wrong moment to start following me on Twitter.  The notification popped up just as I was on the look out for companies to donate equipment for our Bake for Heroes (50 children aged 1 to 6 baking at my home in aid of Help for Heroes - more here).  I had a look through Vibranthome.co.uk and found all sorts of fantastic, colourful cooking and tableware.  Luckily for me, Sarah wasn't phased by me immediately pouncing on her to ask for mixing bowls, mini spatulas and mini prep bowls and a few weeks later, a box arrived full of beautifully wrapped goodies.


The mixing bowl, spatulas and mini prep bowls were in near constant use for 6 days during our Bake For Heroes.  They were put well and truly through the 'cooking with kids' test and passed with flying colours (pun intended).  

Melamine Mixing Bowls

I have tried the lot when it comes to mixing bowls and cooking with children. Plastic: difficult to break, but light so have a tendency to go flying with enthusiastic mixing.  Stainless steel: robust but more expensive and also light.  Pyrex: heavy so less tendency to go flying, but if they do, they break and glass and toddlers isn't a good combination.  These melamine bowls tick all the boxes for cooking with very young children.  They: 

  1. Have a handle for either you or the little chef to hold it steady
  2. Are high-sided so most of the mix stays in even with the wildest mixer, 
  3. Are heavier than normal plastic and have a rubber bottom to keep it in one place,
  4. Are great value,
  5. Have a spout for pouring
  6. And just look bright and fun (as you'd expect from a shop called Vibrant Home...). 

The rest of my assortment of mixing bowls has already gone to the charity shop.  And I'm happy that I've finally found the perfect bowl for cooking with toddlers.  

Mini Spatulas

These are mini.  It would take you a while to use one to mix up batter for a full-size cake.  But, for little hands, scraping out little bowls or hard to reach corners, or mixing small amounts of mixture, they are ideal.  And I love the bright colours almost as much as the little chefs.  

Mini Prep Bowls

Again, these are small.  I use them to measure out tiny amounts of ingredients like the bicarbonate of soda.  If you only do the occasional bit of cooking with your child, they are probably an unnecessary purchase. You can just add the measurement to another bowl or keep in the teaspoon.  However, if you do a lot, or reach the stage that they are adding their own seasoning, spices, herbs etc..., then these are great for them to take a small pinch from.

Where to buy

Sarah is one of those people whose love for their business shines through.  You can see it in her selection of products, the care she takes parcelling them up, the fun blog posts and the little touches.  Take a look at VibrantHome.co.uk to see what I mean.  I have already been back to order more stuff unrelated to cooking with toddlers, particularly presents, and I'm sure I will many times again.  Thank you Sarah.  

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