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Helping children eat better: More Please!

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Cookbooks are like buses in my life at the moment.  I've waited months and then two come out in one week!  My own, the Tickle Fingers Toddler Cookbook was released on 3 November.  But I wanted to tell you about another that came out in the same week: More Please! Tasty Recipes Children Will Love.   This is a charity children's cookbook funded by ProCook to raise money for the Children's Food Trust.  A few months ago I was asked, along with other bloggers, chefs and food writers, to contribute a recipe.  I felt honoured, but mostly I was just happy to be able to do something to help raise money for the Trust.   

The Children's Food Trust has one simple but massive mission: "to get every child eating well at home, in childcare, in school and beyond."  A simple message, but a huge task.  They do this primarily by providing resources, quality assessment and training to schools and child-care settings; and helping people to cook for and with children via their brilliant Let's Get Cooking programme.  

I am one of life's optimists and I believe that parents, teachers and child-carers want the best for children.  I think most understand the importance of children eating well.  However, I also think many don't know where to start or what that actually means in practice, especially if cooking and basic nutrition was not part of their own unbringing.  It too easily falls into the "too difficult" category and parents and carers continue to fail children, despite their best intentions.  

This is where the Trust comes in and why I urge you to buy a copy of More Please!  By making simple resources and practical help easily available, the Trust makes it easy for anyone to equip themselves to deliver better food for the children in their care.  They motivate, educate and support teachers, child-care providers, and parents; the only people who can impact what children eat.  And the more money they have, the more people they can reach and support.  

More Please! is only £4.99.  It is the perfect size for a little gift or a stocking filler.  And it has 50 easy recipes, all nutritionally checked by the Trust's experts.  So please, add a few to the Christmas list and help the Children's Food Trust get every child eating well.  

Buy now from ProCook.  

And please spread the word, tagging #MorePlease @ProCookUk and @childfoodtrust.