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Easy moulded biscuits - chocolate free Easter fun!

Annabel WoolmerComment

 I love random, old recipe books.  A few months ago I found this one published in 1972 lying at the back of some shelves at my parents house.  

In it is a brilliantly easy recipe for Aberffraw biscuits - a kind of shortbread biscuit from North Wales.  This has become my new, favourite quick biscuit recipe when the little chefs come from school starving.  

The traditional way to make Aberfrraw biscuits is with a scallop shell.  You press the dough into the shell to shape the biscuit.  I don't happen to have a scallop shell lying around.  But I do have a box of silicone moulds that I hardly ever use, including an Easter one with eggs and bunnies.  I gave it a try and they came out great.   I now have something the kids can make at Easter that doesn't involve more chocolate!

Parent Prep 

  1.   Put 85g (2/3 cup) plain flour in a bowl.
  2.   Put out a bowl of light brown sugar, a tablespoon, a mixing spoon and silicone moulds (if you don't have silicone moulds, you can shape the biscuits by hand or with cookie cutters)
  3.   Gently melt 40g butter (can use dairy free spread or margarine) in a pan and remove from the heat.
  4.   Preheat oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4. 

The Toddler-Chef Bit

  1.   Add 2 tbsp sugar to the butter in the pan.  Mix.
  2.   Add the flour.  Mix into a dough.
  3.    Scoop out a little dough with hands and press it into the moulds.

And Finally...

Put the biscuits into the oven for 15 minutes.  Turn them out onto a cooling rack.  I like to minimise sugar, but if you like things sweet, sprinkle with some caster sugar while they are still warm.  For an extra special treat, decorate with a little icing.    

Nb.  These quantities make about 8 biscuits, which I think is about the maximum a toddler would be able to stuff into the moulds before getting bored.  However the recipe is easily multiplied if you want to make more.  

copyright annabel woolmer

copyright annabel woolmer