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Hot Chocolate Mousse

Annabel Woolmer3 Comments

Exciting times at Tickle Fingers HQ as we have recently become a Kitchen Craft stockist.  Every time I do a workshop or event, I'm always being asked where I get my equipment from.  I've used a lot of Kitchen Craft stuff ever since I began cooking with my children.  I find it well-designed, colourful and good value.  There are other options out there. I also love Zeal; Lakeland do a good range of 'I Can Cook' bits and pieces; and Tiger Stores and Ikea are the cheapest for plastic and silicone cookware.   But I find that once I've balanced quality, easy-of-use for young children and value, Kitchen Craft usually wins out.  So I'm very happy to be able to help others access some of their stuff (click here to browse and order the products I currently stock).  

In other news, I have a 5 year old little chef whose at home recovering from an adenotonsilectomy.  To keep her entertained, she and a 4 year old friend had some fun this afternoon making some hot chocolate mousse.  Watch the video below to see how to make it.  Keep a look out for a few of our current favourite Kitchen Craft products in action: 

  • silicone juicer - I love the size and that it sticks to the table.
  • cup & spoon measuring set - I love that the spoons come in different colours so I can easily explain which one to use without them needing to understand what tbsp or tsp mean.  
  • egg separator - never mind the kids, I'm never separating an egg by hand again.
  • melamine mixing bowl - I love the high sides, handle and spout.
  • silicone whisk - I love the size for smaller hands and that it doesn't scratch my pans. 
  • silicone spoon spatula- I love the spoon/spatula combo as it's only one thing to wash up! 
  • silicone cupcake cases - the most useful thing in my cupboard.  I use these for cakes, mini frittatas, baked eggs, moulding biscuits, mousses, possets, jelly, muffins, mini cheesecakes - the list goes on.  Plus they are so much easier to use than paper cases, which tend to stick to sticky mixtures.  

How to make a Hot Chocolate Mousse:

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