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Store Cupboard Puds: Tinned Trifle

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I am in awe of those who write out a menu plan for the week and then stick to it.  I am more of a 'last minute look in the fridge or cupboards to see what I can cobble together' kind of person.  This trifle is the result of one of these forays into the cupboard and has become a family favourite, not least because it is such an easy recipe for children to make.  This week, we've been making it in a Halloween theme because the base looks a bit gory and there are plenty of Halloween sweets around in the shops to decorate with.  But it works with all sorts of fruit and decoration, so they can make it for any occasion and with whatever you have to hand.  Tinned pears and banana works well.  

I've been using a recipe format with the Tickle Fingers online Cook-Along Club to help those learning to read to follow the recipe themselves more easily.  The boxes next to the ingredients are for them to tick off items as they lay them out before they start.  Do let me know how your little chef gets on following the recipe.  It makes enough for 2 adults or 4 children.  Double for a family size version.  

Tinned Trifle - Tickle Fingers

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