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Home-made strawberry yoghurt fun with a toddler

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We're just back from a holiday, the sun is shining and it's all about strawberries in our house.  So I thought I would share a fun thing to do with them, especially the few at the bottom of the punnet that always end up a little squishy.  This is simple enough for a very young toddler to do and includes some counting, motor skill and colour fun.  

My tip for summertime cooking with a toddler is to find a spot to do it outside so you can let them get as stuck in as they like without having to worry about mess.  Lay out a wipe-clean mat or a tuff spot for them to sit on.  On a hot day, you could even strip them down.  

Homemade Strawberry Yoghurt - Tickle Fingers

Lay out: 

Homemade Strawberry Yoghurt - Tickle Fingers

5 hulled strawberries (plus extra to make up for the inevitable few that end up in the mouth rather than the bowl), a pot of natural yoghurt, half a teaspoon of vanilla extract or teaspoon of honey (optional), 1 mixing bowl, a potato masher and 1 tablespoon.  


Get toddler to: 

1.   Count the 5 strawberries into the bowl. 

2.   Squish the strawberries until mushed up.  They can use a masher or even squish with hands.  Or, if that sounds too messy, put the strawberries in a freezer bag and get them to squish them in the bag while you hold it shut.  Then tip the contents of the bag back into the bowl.  

3.    Dollop about 4 heaped tablespoons of natural yoghurt onto the strawberries.  

4.    Mix it all up with a tablespoon and watch their face as it turns pink.  

5.   Optional: if you want to sweeten your home-made yoghurt, mix in the vanilla extract or honey.  

Spoon into a container, cover and keep in the fridge.  Or spoon into ice-lolly moulds and freeze for healthy, home-made lollies.  

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