Tickle Fingers

making it easy & fun to cook with young children

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I am so impressed with this book that I am buying 4 x copies for friends who have little children.
It really is a great buy, full of easy to follow recipes.
My kids age 3 and 1 love all the recipes from this book. They are laid out beautifully so that parents can do the prep first then the kids do their bit - pouring, mixing, chopping, learning about food and following directions. Great skill building.
And they were SO proud to have made mummy’s dinner!!
It’s the best book you can get for cooking with toddlers.
I have bought a couple more for grandparents for Christmas.
This is literally the best toddler cookbook I have found. I have a 17 month old and hadn’t really considered cooking with him until my mum suggested it as an activity he may enjoy. I bought a couple of cookbooks but the steps in those books were not really toddler-friendly or at least not suitable for one as young as my son. The steps were also mainly for the adults with a couple of steps that the toddlers could get involved in and anyone with a toddler would know they would easily lose interest! I was also concerned about the inevitable finger licking for the recipes containing things like raw egg.

This cookbook is very easy to use. It has recipes in 3 categories of difficulty with the easiest recipes containing no ingredients that couldn’t be eaten raw. All of the steps in the recipes are suitable for the toddlers to do and there is a section for parent preparation which includes things like weighing out the ingredients for the very young toddlers and chopping. The recipes are also not just sweet recipes, there are recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner too.

I highly recommend this book for getting the children involved in the kitchen - it is amazing!
Finally a book that is realistic when it comes to toddlers. Fantastic for EYFS carers as it shows how and what area of development it relates to. Its very well layed out and easy to follow. The best book I have bought this year and being a childcare professional I have bought many. I think every parent and Early years provisions should have a copy.
This isn’t a book about cooking for toddlers, but WITH them. I love this book. It gets kids interested in food, trying new things and even making their own dinner! With each recipe given a difficulty level (from easy peasy to confident chef) even the smallest hands can help in the kitchen. The book is also attractively laid out and clearly states how long each recipe will take.
I’m now planning to buy this for a few people for Christmas, it really is worth the money.
There are lots of books telling you what to make for your children. This helps you make things WITH your children. I can’t recommend this more. PS the recipes are delicious as well. Win win
I love this book and my children, 3 and 1 love it too. I had been meaning to do some baking with the kids for ages but had never got round to it. Was I afraid of the mess?! Tickle Fingers spurred me on and it has been so easy to use. I’m not sure we have any budding master chefs or bake off winners just yet but all of our kitchen skills have improved at the same time as having heaps of fun
I love this book! It’s got great advice on how to get started cooking with little ones as well as yummy recipes with straightforward directions including adult prep. The layout and illustrations make it attractive and easy-to-understand. Your kids - and you will love it!
I bought this to do with my 3 year old and he loves it. There are a variety of recipes - lunches, dinners and desserts - set out in a colourful, easy to read way. Today my son made curried chicken wraps which he did almost by himself. He was so proud of himself and it tasted delicious too. Well recommended.
This really is a wonderful cook book. My children are slightly older than the target age (6 & 4) but it is still perfect for them. I plan a couple a meals a week from this book so that they can cook dinner ‘for themselves’ after school. Not only do they really enjoy following the recipes but without a doubt it encourages them to try more new foods. I have other cook books that are aimed at children but this one is much more realistic about what children can achieve themselves and therefore gives them a much bigger sense of accomplishment.
Highly recommend buying this book, written by a fantastic lady and will get you and your little ones in the kitchen where you can create and bake a wide range of yummy (me and my son have tried and made quite a few) and healthy things to eat 😊
I have had a fantastic time exploring this book with my son, I love the way it tackles different possible cooking issues with great advice that really works. He loves getting involved and making a mess, I have learnt that is part of the fun! Looking forward to trying out more recipes.
AMAZING. Every family with small children should have this cookbook. My job as a preschool teacher is to connect with the children first so I can teach them. I agree with Annabel that there is no better way to connect with children than to share some time preparing food and sharing that food together. I plan to use the ideas from this book to deepen my connection with my preschoolers as we learn together! May this book help you mix and measure your way into a deeper connection with your child!!
Cooking with toddlers rather than for them for starters so it’s a wonderful way to share some proper time with your little ones AND get supper cooked at the same time! Bonus!! Before this book I found my little one would lose interest in the task at hand within 10 minutes unless there was sweet stuff to lick off a spoon. After reading this book I realized it’s because I was doing several things wrong. This book gives you simple recipes, tells you how to prepare for each recipe before you get your little one involved so that they can participate in the rest of the task uninterrupted and almost on their own. This gives them that all important control that they are so desperate to have at their stage in life. It also gives you a guide as to what kind of child you have - whether they like to pour things into other things, whether like to mix and so on so that you can tailor each recipe and its methods to best suit and capture your little one’s attention. I love the way the author has also given the reader little prompts as how to best describe cooking techniques to your child. For example tickling the flour with your fingers when rubbing butter into it. There are dozens more. This book shows you how to make cooking toddler proof and much more fun for mummy rather than Just trying to control chaos. Simple little things that make such a brilliant difference.

This is a great book to buy yourself for your child or buy a granny to help cook with their grandchildren or to buy for a god mummy. Fantastic book!
It is widely recognised amongst early years experts that children learn best when they are having fun and that very young children in particular, rely on their senses to learn and explore which makes cooking the ideal activity for promoting learning and development.

Not only is cooking an important life skill but children who are involved with preparing their own meals from an early age are much more likely to maintain heathy eating habits into adulthood.

For pre-school children, fun cooking activities can promote learning across many areas, from hand/eye coordination to early maths and science concepts, the learning opportunities are endless.

Tickle Fingers is full of practical yet simple tips that will help to make cooking with pre-school children fun, engaging and educational. Its recipes are set out into a small number of easy to follow steps and importantly contain savoury as well as sweet dishes.

As someone who has studied and worked in early years learning and development for nearly fifteen years I would recommend Tickle Fingers to any parent or carer who is looking not just for tasty and achievable recipes but also tried and tested methods to make cooking with pre-schoolers an enjoyable experience for everyone.
What a fantastic book! After years of various cookbooks that are supposed to be for children but turn out to be disappointing I have finally found the cook book for us! If you have young kids (or even if you’re not a pro in the kitchen and just need to start it simple yourself), then this book is for you. Lovely, simple, healthy recipes that require minimal ingredients! For the 1st time ever I’ve kept my 4 year old interested in the kitchen!”
LOVE IT. This is the perfect addition to any kitchen/bookshelf in a home where there are kids. The Tickle Fingers Cookbook lists some excellent tips on how to engage your child in the kitchen with you and when is the best time to do this. The recipes are divided up into difficulty/skill levels and my 19 month old was able to do the majority of the first section with a little encouragement and minimal help from me.

The book is really made with toddlers in mind and is written by a mother - it really makes the difference. The recipes are easy to follow and beautifully laid out, adult preparation is listed along with the ingredients so that everything that needs to be done, such as oven temps, can be sorted out before you get your toddler involved. The best bit, besides the great recipes, is the allergy chart in the back of the book. Each recipe is listed and there is an alternative ingredient given in the place - for example, there are ingredient replacements for eggs and milk.

Lovely book, would 100% recommend to all parents who want to get their kids involved in the kitchen and teach them some essential life skills as well as having fun!
A brilliant book. My 2 year old loves cooking and this book makes cooking with a toddler fun and easy. They can do pretty much everything themselves as long as you have followed the preparation instructions before you start. I have encouraged both grandmothers to get the book so they can cook with her too. Definitely recommended.
I would highly recommend the tickle fingers cookbook. I had always dreaded cooking with my eldest boy and wouldn’t have even dreamed about cooking with the younger one before getting this book. This book organises you in such a way that it just seems easy to involve the children and they absolutely love it. Both boys have really enjoyed all of the recipes that we have tried, all of which have been easy to get the ingredients for and really yummy recipes.
What I love most about this book is that it puts my daughter in the “head chef” role and I have become her helper. I can’t tell you how she beamed the first time my husband and I thanked her for a lovely dinner after devouring her frittata.

I almost didn’t buy this book because my daughter is no longer a toddler. Also, I am a classroom teacher and she was already my little helper in the kitchen; I thought we would be “beyond” a book like this. I was wrong! The recipes are so thoughtfully chosen and presented that I have my daughter in the kitchen more than ever. The recipes are laid out very simply; they are easy to follow even with a little chef buzzing around the kitchen. When I need an activity and/or meal I can grab the book, check the ingredients list and we’re good to go...Annabel has done all the mental prep for me.

I also benefitted from Annabel’s tips and thoughtful reflections on how children learn and how that applies to cooking. There is also a list of food allergy adjustments for the recipes and a cross referenced ingredients page so I can more easily use up my leftovers. This is a thoughtful book written by a very thoughtful mum. I highly recommend it.
I started trying some of the recipes when my eldest daughter was just over 3 and my youngest was 15 months. I’m not at all a natural when it comes to cooking, and the thought of letting my two little ones loose filled me with dread! But - I tried it and it wasn’t at all as I expected. The advice in the book is well worth taking, from the little practical things like tearing up the mushrooms instead of cutting them (I would never have thought of that), to getting everything ready before you start, as well as thinking carefully about the timing. Doing this when I was feeling strong was as important as doing it when they were ready.

At first my little one didn’t really make any food, just enjoyed getting messy, and liked playing with the wooden spoon or mayonnaise bottle, and I had to watch how much she ate if it was a pudding! I found it a great activity to do after her afternoon nap, particularly if it was raining outside. The advice about not going for perfection I found particularly good, and applicable to everything they do. I’ve found having toddlers has forced me to let go of any OCD or sense of control I had before, and just go with it. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work or you make a mess, because the children LOVE cooking. They absolutely love it. And this book has given me the motivation to do it with them.
This is the first book I have found that is made with toddlers in mind. The fact it is written by a mum is fantastic- you know it will be easy for other mums to use!

Each recipe is clearly laid out, explaining and prep that needs to be done beforehand and the ingredients you will need. Each step is numbered so you know exactly what you need to and when.

Something else I really liked was the ingredient swap chart in the back of the book. Each recipe was listed and alternatives for dairy and egg allergies were given. As a mother of a child with a dairy allergy, that little nod to the fact we have these issues was very much appreciated.

Great book- would recommend it to anyone wanting to cook with their child!
This is a fantastic book when it comes to cooking with little ones. I have twin 4 yrs olds and a 15 month (who loves to do everything her sisters are doing) so I need recipes that work across all the ages. These do just that! Great pictures for the girls to look through and choose, easy to follow recipes and love the additional tips and advice. Its SO much easier to get them to eat supper if they have cooked it, and the real bonus is that there is normally enough for my husband and I too! Brilliant...cant recommend enough.